Highlight on Denmark’s west coast: the Rudbjerg Knude lighthouse

The white lighthouse Rudbjerg Knude has gained international fame in 2019. The angular tower was moved 70 meters to protect it from falling over the next few years. We spent a few days in the north of Denmark between Hirtshals and Løkken and we were quickly certain: the area around the lighthouse and Lønstrup is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Denmark.

Sunset at the lighthouse

We definitely recommend visiting the lighthouse in the evening. The light of the evening sun illuminates the lighthouse of Rudbjerg Knude and the view of the sea at sunset is very beautiful. We parked the car in the “Rudbjerg Knude Fyr” car park and after about 10 minutes on foot you will arrive at the lighthouse. The path is easy to find and the lighthouse can be seen from afar. Shortly before the lighthouse we turned onto a smaller hiking trail to get to the lighthouse from the sea side. The lighthouse is on top of the cliff and the view is really spectacular! To the north you can see Lønstrup, to the south you can see kilometers of beaches and cliffs. We haven’t found a way to the water – and you should definitely not just climb down, because the cliff is constantly moving and there is a risk of falling.

Hikes around Rudbjerg Knude Fyr

We really wanted to explore the area on foot. So, the next day we parked our van in the parking lot on the “Kongestenen ved Mårup Kirke” near Lønstrup and followed the signs for Hærvej, a long-distance hiking trail that leads through Jylland (Jutland). The path goes high above the sea through dunes and sandy hollows. You always have a great view of the Rudbjerg Knude lighthouse and of course the blue sea. You can climb the lighthouse for free and from there you have an even better view of the coast and the surrounding area. We then walked a bit through the dunes, which are really impressive. We were able to take a break in a sheltered place before we went back to the parking lot with very sanded shoes. This time through windswept, gnarled pine forests.

Furthermore, the village of Lønstrup is also worth a visit. On the steep coast you can follow a path into the village. You can see pretty well how dangerously close some holiday homes are to the abyss and every now and then you can see that houses have crashed in recent years and only the pipes peep out of the sand. The place is nestled in the landscape and we could somehow really imagine how the Vikings must have looked at the sea here. Lønstrup is a great place to eat ice cream, go for a stroll and buy groceries.

If you want to go to the water and take a walk right by the sea, it is best to look at the many maps where there are accesses to the sea. In any case, you can get to the water from Lønstrup and Nr Lyngby.


We have lived in Denmark for several years and have seen many places – but we particularly liked the Rudbjerg Knude lighthouse on the North Sea. The landscape is really impressive, and it is definitely highly recommended and worth a visit!