Månafossen and Preikestolen

The night was pretty rainy. So unfortunately, we had to pack our tent in although it was still wet. Our next stop was Stavanger. There, we bought a map and a tarpaulin (just to be safe). The city is really worth a visit. Nice and cozy. The next day we had plans to hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) but it was too rainy for that. Therefore, we decided to explore the surroundings by car. The weather in the mountains was cold and also wet, even with ice and snow. But the views on the way were incredibly beautiful! We stopped to see Månafossen, a really impressive waterfall which can be reached after a short (but steep) hike.

When we pitched our tent for the night we thought about having a quick bath in the lake nearby. Cozy 12° degrees’ air temperature. That was a short bath, but very refreshing. After a tasty meal we decided to go to bed early, as we wanted to hike to Pulpit Rock early the next morning.

Hike to Preikestolen

The alarm rang at 4 o’clock. However, it was so windy and unpleasant outside that we decided to sleep a little longer until 5.50. The hike to Preikestolen was nice and the views were really beautiful! It is really worth seeing the Pulpit Rock, such an outstanding rock. The cliff falls steep over 600 meter into Lysefjord. To stand up there is pretty exciting. We were lucky that we started our hike so early, because we shared the pulpit solely with a few other people. Later, after we enjoyed our hot tea (it was pretty cold), so many people made their way up to Preikestolen. We never imagined that it would be that many people! It is even hard to imagine that they all fit onto the rock. When we were back at the car we were chilled to the bones. But the tour to Preikestolen was really nice and we would recommend it to everyone. We also recommend to get up there early to avoid the masses.

After the hike we took the car up north. We pitched our tent close to Røldal, overlooking a crystal clear lake and a snowy mountain. It was just a few degrees plus, so we decided to wrap ourselves up in our sleeping bags and to read a little.


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