Koh Chang – Kayaking and beach life

After a delicious breakfast, we rented a kayak at the hotel and started kayaking along the cost to the East. We wanted to go a small hidden beach about 6km away from where we started. But that day it was windy and also wavy. We kayaked for an hour and then decided to turn around because it was very tiring and we still had 1/3 of the way ahead of us. Under good weather conditions, it is a really nice day trip and the beach should be easily reachable by kayak.

In the afternoon, we relaxed on the beach, drunk coconuts, read and slept. It was just amazing.

For dinner, we went into town and had a lovely Thai dinner on the pier in Bang Bao. If you want to take a taxi on Koh Chang after sunset it can be very expensive. For the way back from Bang Bao to our hotel they wanted to charge us 200 Bat, which is only a 5-minute-drive. We decided then to walk back to the hotel – which was a little scary because of some roaming dogs that followed us.


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