Hiking the Lechweg – The first stage

The Lechweg has been on our To-Do list for years. Again and again we have read in magazines and forums about the beauty of the route and the wild river. As we now live in Vorarlberg, it was clear that we had to go the way at some point.

Because we only had one weekend available, we decided to go the first three of a total of 7 stages of Lechweg. On Friday after work from Formarinsee (Formarin lake) to Zug, on Saturday from Zug to Warth and on Sunday from Warth to Holzgau.

By car, we went to Zug and from there by bus to the Formarinsee. Bus number 7 goes from Lech to the Formarinsee and costs 17 Euro per adult (summer 2017). You can find the exact bus timetable here.

From Formarinsee to Zug

The Lechweg starts at the Formarinsee and is clearly marked by “L” s. At the beginning, the Lech river is a small creek, but the stream soon becomes a real river. We always had to stop to take pictures, because there was simply so much to photograph – on the way we even passed by a small waterfall.

The trail is mainly flat (perfect for a hike after work) and about 14 kilometers long. The trail always goes a little up or down, but it was never too hard. We could imagine that the tour would be good with children (without stroller). The first stage of the Lechweg was really beautiful! The route was always easy to find and the scenery was really rich in variety – it went over rocks and stones, through forests and always along the water. In the end, we even passed some barbecue places, which we would surely use another time.

We have found various times for the first stage of Lechweg (between 3 and 5 hours) online. It took us in total 4 ½ hours to hike to Zug, including many photostops and a break.

Chef’s Table in the Schualhus

We arrived at the Hotel Rote Wand in the evening just in time. We took a quick shower and were then ready for the Chef’s Table in the Schualhus. The Schualhus is a rustic, old school, which was completely renovated. Everywhere you can see the charming wooden beams. The Chef’s Table has been located in Schualhus for a couple of years. A maximum of 16 people can sit around the kitchen and watch the cooks prepare the food. In addition, guests can enjoy the wonderful wine and nice conversations. 3 hours, 17 courses and 5 wines later, we are convinced: The Chef’s Table at the Hotel Rote Wand is an absolutely magnificent experience! The dishes are so lovingly prepared, taste first-class and show real creativity! It was very special to watch the cooks Max and Thomas at work – simply a fantastic experience (just take a look at the pictures below to get an impression). This was a successful ending of the evening, after a wonderful first stage of the Lechweg.


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