Diedamskopf – skiing in front of more than 300 peaks

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To the ski area:

The Diedamskopf ski area is known for its natural snow slopes and the incomparable panorama with more than300 peaks. There is something for everyone on 40 kilometres of slopes in the Diedamskopf ski area, whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional. The clarity of the ski area and the 9 modern lifts make it possible for you to be in the middle of the ski area after just 15 minutes and for skiing fun to be in full swing

About us:

We are Moritz and Christiane from Bregenz and this year we will explore the different ski areas of the 3TälerPass. Christiane only started skiing last year and will start her second skiing season in 2018/2019. This will give you an insight into the ski areas from a beginner’s perspective. Since Moritz has been on skis for a while, he also feels comfortable on steep slopes. He will describe his impressions for more advanced skier.

Our day in the Diedamskopf ski area:

We needed two attempts to visit the Diedamskopf ski area. On the first day, we took the lift up, but only made one descent – it just snowed too much and the view was non-existent. We were not discouraged and went back the next day. And we were rewarded with a ski dream day!

At 2018m, we had a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. We were the first to drive down the fresh slopes and that was awesome! The conditions were great, and the slopes were well prepared. At first glance, the Diedamskopf ski area looks relatively small because there are not so many lifts – but the slopes are highly recommended and very versatile. There are many different possible combinations, so we never got bored. We are definitely excited and look forward to the next visit here.

Favourite slope Moritz:

I liked the ski route 22 the best, which brings you down all the way to the valley. The descent is long and partly steep – you can really pick up speed here!

Favourite slope Christian:

The red 9 was my highlight in the Diedamskopf ski area. In the lower part it becomes the blue 9a. The route is perfect for working on your technique – but the real reason why I like the descent is the fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding peaks!


At the middle station you can stop off at the Wedelrestaurant. But if you want to enjoy a unique view of the mountains, we recommend the panoramic restaurant at the mountain station with the huge sun terrace. The Käsker Breitenalpe has cheese specialties and local cuisine on their menu.

What is special about the Diedamskopf:

We would almost describe the ski area at Diedamskopf as an insider tip. The special thing about it is definitely the diversity of the slopes and the breath-taking view of the snowy peaks! We also like that the ski area can score with so much sun.

Damüls-Mellau is another amazing ski area included in the 3TälerPass, you can find more here.

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