Hiking at Murgsee in Switzerland

The tours around the Murgseen (Murglakes) in Switzerland are popular destinations. The hikes offer a lot of variety and are easy accessible. We were curious whether this region is really so attractive, therefore, we decided to hike around Murgsee and to the summit of the Schwarzstöckli.

First stop: Merlen

Rarely, we were looking forward to a hike like this one in Heidiland in Switzerland. Best weather was announced for the whole weekend – perfect conditions for a sunrise hike.

We went on Friday after work. We drove to Murg at Walensee by car and from there, on a narrow road with a lot of serpentines uphill to the car park Merlen. There are several parking lots, which all cost 10 CHF (October 2017) and have to be paid at the ticket machine before the driveway to the parking lot – there is no possibility to buy a ticket at the parking lots.

We parked at parking lot number 2 (1099 m), as the shortest access to the Berggasthaus Murgsee, our destination for Friday, starts there. However, for those who want to hike the Murgsee circular route, it is better to park at number 1.

Hiking to Berggasthaus Murgsee

In the late afternoon we started our tour. The hike starts on a path that is accessible for cars, but it leads very quickly into a broad and well-developed hiking trail. First, we hiked through a forest area, later we passed the tree line. The route is partly very steep and exhausting.

After approximately one hour, we arrived at the lower Murgsee, which has alpine protection status. The lake is idyllically below the path and the view at the lake, the valley behind us and the high waterfall is really beautiful. After a final climb (about 600 meters in total), we arrived at the cozy Berggasthaus Murgsee after about 1 3/4 hours. The sun had just set and the evening mood at the lake was just wonderful.

At the guest house we had a delicious dinner, before we played cards. Around 10 pm we went outside to have a look at the sky with countless stars. Because of the fact that the lake is located in a kettle, you have almost no light pollution and the starry sky is simply fantastic – we even could easily see the Milky Way. Then, we went to bed, because the next morning we wanted to get up early. Since only two other hikers stayed in the guest house, the night was nice and quiet.

Hiking to Schwarzstöckli

We started our hike around half past six – the sunrise was announced for 7:53 clock. The first destination was the Murgseefurgel (1985 m), which we reached in about 35 minutes. The first meters we had to go with a torch, but quickly, it began to dawn. We had to stop again and again and admire the beauty of the lake and the snow-capped mountains  around. It was an incredibly beautiful feeling.

From the Murgseefurgel we turned left, to hike to the summit of Schwarzstöckli (2385 m). The views were amazing and because of the many photo stops, we were not at the summit, when the sun was rising.

The hiking trail to the Schwarzstöckli was partly covered with snow and steep, but still relatively easy to hike. On the way we even saw a chamois. We arrived at the summit and we were the first ones there. The wonderful tranquility and the view of the surrounding snowy mountains was indescribably beautiful.

Hiking the Murgsee circle trail

We went down the Rotärd ridge into the valley to the Murgseerundwanderweg (Murgsee circle trail). A hike that is (rightly) very popular. The descent was partly very difficult as the road was so icy, difficult to find and steep. But at the bottom, we passed through splendid plains, always along the water and along some waterfalls. Unfortunately, the last part of the route was particularly exhausting. The trail was very steep and slippery. It felt like an eternity, until we finally arrived at parking lot 1. From there, it took us around 20 minutes, until we arrived at parking lot 2, the starting point of our hike.

All in all, we liked the hike very much. It is absolutely recommendable! The route is extremely diverse, goes through forests, along lakes, over steep passages and on a summit – so everything we like for a hike. You can also make it in one day, if you like it sportier. However, we found the overnight stay at the Berggasthaus Murgsee charming and practical.

We were definitely very excited and want to return! Have you ever been to the area? Which tours do you recommend? We are looking forward to your suggestions!


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